Sunday, February 13, 2011

other (not-so-light-and-fluffy) stuff I wrote

Living in India has, predictably, prompted plenty of thoughts on poverty & wealth.  Surprisingly (to me, at least), I find that these intersect with reflections on beauty.  Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.  The more Mother Teresa came to know Calcutta's poor, the more convinced she became that each one was "the same beautiful One," in His most "distressing of disguises."  I would like to write a post about that some day (but I will have to get to a place where I understood what she meant first, in order to do that!). 

Anyway, for the sake of an honest documentation of this very slow journey of mine into spiritual understanding, here is my Advent meditation on poverty and beauty in case you missed it, and then I wrote this piece as a guest on Rae's blog in mid-January. 

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