Wednesday, February 16, 2011

bad haircut

The photo makes it look better than it actually is.  This is how it looked before it was completely dry and after smoothing it down quite a bit.
After the cut, the hairdresser brushed it, fluffed it out, took a hairdryer to it, fluffed it out some more, and then brushed and brushed and brushed and his eyes got wider and wider at how high it was going.  (think: pyramid head)   I was trying SO hard to keep a straight face but the girls didn't even try.
"Mommy!  You look so...different."

Anyway, tomorrow will be the real test once I try to style it myself, because besides the styling issues, the real problem is that once it curls, it will bounce up and out.  Yikes.

(ps: in case you're wondering, "Will Claire keep posting such unflattering photos of herself online?" the answer is, Probably.  Because I've conquered my vanity, see?)

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