Monday, February 7, 2011

how do you...?

I chose the name for this blog because there are so very many things I do not know or understand about India.  I'm pretty sure that "hindi nayhee" means "No Hindi" but since I don't speak it, I guess I don't know for sure.  One thing is certain: there will be a lot of things I get wrong on this site and I am open to corrections and clarifications from cultural experts.  It seems like there is an ever-growing list in my mind of questions I would ask a cultural informant (if I ever got lucky enough to get one of those), so I welcome input.

Television is a big help in the meantime.  I saw an ad the other day for some kind of baby product or something, and during the ad they showed a close-up of a woman breastfeeding in a sari, kind of like this.  I always wondered how one did that, because a salwar kameez seems entirely impractical for that purpose.  How brilliant is it to have a short top that's easy to pull up along with a built-in nursing cover!  I love it.

(Now, if I could just get someone to explain why kissing is censored, but it is appropriate to show under a woman's shirt on TV here...)

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