Saturday, October 15, 2011

on further reflection

Pretty soon after saying that I don't read too many blog posts about poverty or service to the poorer among us, I realized that wasn't really true.  In fact, one of the very times I read Molly I ran across a quote that she referenced (by an Orthodox monk, maybe?) about how the extra pairs of shoes in your closet are ones that you have withheld from the needy.  Then Kris wrote this short piece in which she pondered the nature (and varieties) of poverty.  Pentimiento has several posts in which she wrestles with her discomfort on the origins of wealth and sometimes she writes about reality for her undocumented friend.  Earlier this week Heather wrote about her grocery shopping habits and it turns out she manages to spend less than $24 each week so she can have a little extra leftover for hungry others.  And then there is Rae, who doesn't have posts devoted to the subject, but simply lives it out (just an example: $50 for food during Lent's six weeks for herself and her husband. That's serious).

And there are plenty more that I am forgetting, for sure.  Trying to set the record straighter.

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