Tuesday, October 4, 2011


1. My youngest has started morning preschool.  For two hours and forty-five minutes, five days a week, I am on my own!  You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff I can cram into that short time frame.  It's actually a little ridiculous and I probably need to chill out.  Heck, at least no one can accuse me of wasting it.


(stopped next to me at a red light over the weekend)

3. Right now in our backyard, there are thousands of tiny baby grasshoppers.  If you take a step toward the grass (okay, it's all weeds), dozens of them scatter with a sweet pippity-pippity sound. I never remember they are there until I go out to hang up the laundry.

4. Ooh, I just said "laundry" so now I have another excuse to tell you more about my laundromat.  Not only are there folks wandering about with coolers full of breakfast burritos, snowcones, and "biscuits" (whatever those might be), but the other day I was folding sheets at a table only to realize that no one within earshot was speaking English (only Navajo). I looked up and realized I was the only white person in the place.

5. Last week, the thought of making a pilgrimage (and possibly never coming back) to one of these Greek monasteries was very welcome.  An acquaintance told me on Saturday how blessed I was, to have the three kids and my health.  "From the outside, you know," he said, "it's easy to see how much of a blessing it is."  Sadly, I don't always have the outside perspective on those sorts of things. 

6.  My kindergartner's sight words for the past two weeks have been "I," "am," "the," and "little."  I feel like that ought to prompt me to some profound thoughts, but it doesn't really.  It's just kind of cute.

7.  It's a good thing I have two daughters because only one of them likes to lie in bed in the late afternoons and exchange back or head rubs.  The older one is off creating and researching and reading and writing comic books or doing crossword puzzles and generally not doing anything that remotely resembles sitting still.  And the son never gets tired of launching himself off bookcases or onto couches.  It's going to be a long, long winter.

8.  It's not winter yet, and I still love to sit outside when I can on my new favorite chair. 

sometimes we get views like these:


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