Thursday, March 14, 2013

Music for Lent: prayer and contrition


R. Draw near, O Lord, our God, graciously hear us, guilty of sinning before you.

1. King exalted, Savior of all nations, see how our grieving lifts our eyes to heaven; hear us, Redeemer, as we beg forgiveness.

2. Might of the Father, Keystone of God’s temple, Way of salvation, Gate to heaven’s glory; sin has enslaved us; free your sons from bondage.

3. We pray you, O God, throned in strength and splendor, hear from your kingdom this, our song of sorrow; show us your mercy, pardon our offenses.

4. Humbly confessing countless sins committed, our hearts are broken, laying bare their secrets; cleanse us, Redeemer, boundless in compassion.

5. Innocent captive, unresisting victim, liars denounced you, sentenced for the guilty; once you redeemed us: now renew us, Jesus.

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