Tuesday, August 28, 2012

County poverty

I came across this map showing the poorest states and counties in the US.  I clicked around on the dark red counties around the nation and there were few (only in Appalachia, the Dakotas and a couple of deep south states) that rival my current home state.  I guess I am not terribly surprised, considering that apparently 1/3 of the children in my county do not have running water at home. 

And what is the poorest state in the US right now?  That was news to me: Mississippi. 


  1. How much of it do you see/encounter, where you are? In NM is it the sort of poverty that is off the highway and back down country roads that you have to look for, or the kind you are faced with every day? Does J see more or less of it at work?

  2. Actually, it is quite visible, but especially so if you leave town--around the city on all sides is the Rez and in some parts (most parts) it feels like a developing nation. I have been thinking about writing a post of some kind on that subject. We'll see.