Tuesday, December 13, 2011

joining, and leaving religious cults

Not only is this documentary concise and well made, but each of the women interviewed has a compelling story and is articulate in telling it.   I could particularly identify with Amy who shows up at the end of this first segment.  Listening to her speak was like listening to myself, ten years ago.


  1. i wonder if there are any parallels between confronting how you've been "conned" by a cult and how we've been conned by the system of racism. hard to walk away, it follows you even after you reject it; elicits guilt, rage, regret, sorrow; it's deeply personal, connected to our identities... i know this is off topic, but i'm thinking about how to guide the employees into and through this conversation today.

    also, hearing amy and knowing how this connects with you is sad.

  2. Leia, I find that to be a fascinating question. Re-exploring the issue of thought-reform and mind control has gotten me pondering again the ways in which we carry beliefs and how difficult it is to move away from the really destructive ones. Awesome that this got you thinking along the same lines.

    As to feeling sad: I don't. I've been trying to write about how grateful I feel, but so far not successfully.
    I loved that about this particular coverage, though--women who were living with pain but somehow were also hopeful. Even the former Jeh. Wit. woman who had no reason to expect that her circumstances (and her mother's) would ever change, and yet still found strength and confidence to live her life with meaning.