Friday, September 2, 2011

Quick Takes

1.  Seems like this is the only post I have time for anymore.  Maybe it's a sign that I should stick to the short, the sweet and the funny.  Well, maybe I will.  So there.

2. Short: I was cutting my fingernails last week and one teeny tiny cut fingernail flew into my eye and got stuck there.  True story.  (Thank heavens for that ER doc roommate of mine who knows how to do magic with Qtips.).

3. Funny: Speaking of that roommate.  One time, while on Ambien after a string of night shifts, he sat straight up and bed at 3am and sang this song (it starts at 1:15):

4.  Probably there will be people out there who will have a hard time believing that story (it really happened and I remember thinking at the time, "No one will believe me and there are no witnesses around to vouch for me!"), BUT about 200 people were there when that 8-year old missionary kid karaoke-sang this song at my wedding reception:

5.  Sweet: My son wants to change his name to Bye-djul-Broccoli-Face when he gets older.  Come on, that's sweet.

6.  Sweet: Peanut butter cookies are sweet and I made a whole batch yesterday and they are in my freezer right now as I type. Too bad it's Friday and they are verboten.  Argh.

7.  Sweet:  Too bad I have all these nice new friends who are all very sweet and I am a sarcastic meanie. I try to fit in, but then I remember: I am a sarcastic meanie who doesn't belong with the Sweet Girls. Oh well, maybe I can just distract them with my homemade peanut butter cookies and they won't notice...

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