Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Sometimes, if I haven't posted in awhile, it means I am considering shutting down (the blog, I mean, not me).  Not this time around, though.  We've just been traveling a lot, and visiting with friends and family, and making jam and quilts, taking long drives through some Soutwestern Reservations and, more recently, scrubbing the walls of our new rental because the previous tenant's kid wiped boogers on them. 

That is gross and my kids would never do that.

Meanwhile, I have ideas for about twelve posts, and I even have a drafts of a few of them, but I am having trouble starting back up.  When I do, what would my (five) faithful readers like to read about first?

  • a full-length post about the wonders of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers knock-offs and how well they dissolve booger residue off walls?  (that was a joke. I don't like scrubbing walls and writing about scrubbing walls sounds like a terrible idea.)
  • reflections on flight and air travel and the views from 25,000 feet up.
  • cults and how misunderstood they are (alternate title: why everyone should be wary of religious groups that make big claims, but keep insisting they don't and that you've got nothing to lose by just giving them a try because anyway, you can leave any time...)
  • I don't want to read anything; what I really want is to see photos of Navajo land!
  • what's it like to have a spouse in medical school and residency?  what if you have kids while you're doing it? 
  • how dull and monotonous work and being a nobody can actually sharpen the mind and spirit (the long-overdue follow-up to this post).
  • none of the above: I just want to see clip of a guy running backwards in his underwear set to music?

What's your vote?  Speak up, I or I might just have to write that booger post...


  1. Since I owe my security deposit to the Magic Eraser (I was terrified to try a knock-off since we really needed the money back) a blog episode regarding snot on the walls would be awesome.

    However due to my growing terror at starting a family as Peter starts medical school means that a post regarding how soon and how strong my xanax prescription should start would probably be more globally practical.

  2. ... but on further reflection the guy running backwards to TMBG made my whole day better, and so would lots and lots of pictures of Navajo land. So those are my votes?

  3. Just watched underwear man, it made my morning.

    You could write anything you want. Even the magic eraser - although I think it might be kind of a boring post, I would still read it.

    Glad you're back!

    And send us your new address, won't you please?

  4. i'd like to read claire thoughts on any of those things... for sure.